Inside our Brochure you will find answers about our

Vehicle Service Contracts for RV/Motorhomes and Travel Trailers 


We answer Questions like:

What is a Vehicle Service Contract?

What does my Vehicle Service Contract Cover?

Can I take my RV anywhere?

Who is backing this program?

Types of Coverage:

Exclusionary Plan - where we go into what is covered and what is not. Everything is covered unless it is listed as not.

Motorized Additional Coverage

Stated Component Plan: where what is stated is covered

Optional Coverage: additional add on coverage for your RV components. 

Additional Benefits:

Trip Interruption - Coverage for lodging and meals 

Substitute Transportation 

Towing Assistance

Transferability - if you decide to sell your RV the coverage can go with the unit increasing re-sale value of your vehicle. 

Available Terms: let us help you find out how many years of coverage you need

New Travel Trailers and RV/ Motorhomes: 3-7 Years Coverage [up to 5 years old]

Pre- Owned Travel Trailers and RV/Motorhomes: 1- 4 Years Coverage [up to 5 years old]

Financing Options

That's right we are able to offer financing for your Vehicle Service Contract on your RV/ Motorhome and Travel Trailer.

No interest, up to 18 months, Automatic Approval, 10-20% Down Payment, First Day coverage 

Be sure to Refer to the Service Agreement for full details on available coverages, stated exclusions and terms and conditions. A sample agreement is available for review here.

[please be sure you are reading the agreement that is provided to you at time of sale]